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Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt is now available at KingTees Shop.


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Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt

Best Kept Secret" is the best pop rock band in India. They have released two new singles in the recent past (watch out for future posts) and they also enjoy doing covers of everything that is hip and happening. Don't miss out on their Coldplay tributes which turn out divine every.single.time. While on its final stop of the tour at Kashmir in Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt, the Aankh Micholi Fusion Band performed at Winterfell Café, Srinagar to an overwhelming response from the fans and music lovers. It was the first time that a Musical band from Mumbai added Jammu and Srinagar as its destination to spread the folk/fusion Rockband Music.

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