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Avengers Endgame Thor fat shirt


I for one have taken time off from work just to be able to go to the first showings for this movie. I normally don't do that. One of the most powerful sequences in this trailer is seeing Hawkeye with his daughter, then seeing him turn around in the Avengers Endgame Thor fat shirt, obviously having lost much. You see a storm of emotion in his eyes and resolve in his heart. He’s out for blood. This movie is going to be beyond epic. The amount of time and effort that has been put into this franchise, the amount of care and craftsmanship that’s been laid down leading to this moment. This is art. And I can’t freaking wait. I literally just promised myself not to watch any more trailers, without a clue that they dropped one this morning. James Rick Roberts that was my first thought, and then maybe just signifying Marvel Studios colors but it all seems too obvious. if I'm going to die soon then pls let me watch End game before it happens. 



Avengers Endgame Thor fat shirt

Avengers Endgame Thor fat shirt, ladies

I literally appreciated Endgame with my very first sentence. The rest of my comment is about the Avengers Endgame Thor fat shirt from. Wasn’t that great tbh. The story was just a little dry. I felt like they tried to make up for it with lots of action but not for me.




Avengers Endgame Thor fat ladies

There is way too much hype around Marvel. movies leading into a decade long story conclusion, something never before attempted and never thought to be a successful approach. Based on the accomplishments of the Thor fat beer alone this movie was impressive. The fact that the overall story was at least decent is just a plus.


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