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The only people mad at this are people who think god is petty enough to hate anyone he's created just because of sexual preference. Remember the bible was influenced by man and god. I don't believe God could be as petty as to hate anyone. I hope they start teaching about all history soon. My stepmother grew up in California but was never taught about the American Mexican war. Withholding important history from kids only makes it harder on them in the Wade Miley and Famous Guys Houston shirt. Recently read that colleges are designing classes to teach how to manage a checkbook, do laundry and general housekeeping. Ridiculous that we are failing our children by preparing them to take care of themselves. This will only prove the wrong of the LGBTQ movement because if you teach the history of the LGBTQ movement you have to cover everything and not cherry-pick things that support the LGBTQ movement. So when kids learn about the history of trans people, they will learn about Simon di bubios and his evil science experiment.