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Who would have thought if you confine your base to one race in a multiracial and increasingly diverse country that this would be a problem for you politically? Republicans are taking that problem and making it a problem for our entire democracy. I'm Caldwell I have a brother doing 10yrs, I have a friend who comes home next month after doing 15. I have a friend that's been up for of the Horror Halloween Friends Vintage Shirt he has to do so far. I have lots of friends in prison, I know what I'm talking about. You live in a bubble or something you really are dense and I'm not going to continue this back and forth with someone who lacks common sense. The possible 5 years is for lying about his address on the application form to purchase the rifle. It's a federal crime to lie on any part of the background check. Aside from that, he didn't really do anything illegal. Sadie Acosta smh! Sad sad world.

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