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What I would have liked to see in the report is why sleep deprivation helps - what effect does it have chemically on the brain? That would have been interesting to hear. And I also found it strange that Lithium was administered. Surely this is one of the hugely addictive drugs prescribed for depression? I really didn’t get the Zeke Who That’s Who Shirt details of this experiment. Galen Douglas it is or rather was used as a basic treatment for depression here in Brazil for many years my grandmother took it for many years - but that was sort of 30 years ago. So maybe it isn’t used anymore today for depression especially as there are so many new drugs available. It all has advanced so much. 

Zeke Who Thatâs Who Shirt

 Valeria Benevolo França Lithium is not for depression. It is for bipolar disorder. Depression is part of the disorder. But not the whole illness. The thing that concerns me is that they are drinking coffee and then also the socialization aspect. If they're trying to see if this is legit, those are two big factors which could potentially be affecting the outcome, not just the lack of sleep. But it's certainly interesting.

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