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I’m not bipolar, but I worked night shifts for over 20 years and certainly many people just cannot cope with being awake all night, no disrespect to them. I often was awake for 24-32+ hours and since not working nights I’ve suffered from depression. There is a link between mental health and sleep, whether it is not enough, too much or taken in the wrong part of a 24 hour period. However, the Hard Rock Cafe Mordor Shirt began to disembowel themselves, smeared the portholes and cameras with their own excrement to avoid being watched and were summarily executed


So I have my doubts as to this treatment's success. Those of us with this disorder struggle with insomnia and hypersomnia already. Lack of sleep does have mood-altering effects on even those who don't. That's documented. But how the mood is altered is a gamble. I find it hard to believe that refusing to sleep in bouts can cure bipolar disorder. Sounds like pseudo science to me. If anything you are probably tricking to the brain to focus on sleep to the exclusion of other things. It's like addicts who move onto something else to trick the brain from your original addiction.

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Hard Rock Cafe Mordor Shirt

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