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Official Stephen King Friends Signature Shirt

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While I feel that the Liberals are falling severely short of the radical shift we need on the environmental platform we need to save this planet, which is the ONLY reason I will note vote Liberal this upcoming election, I believe in the Official Stephen King Friends Signature Shirt and social values of the Liberal party. To water down the Federal recover efforts of the Trudeau government is a joke. This is so oversimplified, as a Canadian, I can only tell the world that Trudeau is just a typical politician, influenced by lobbyists and he goes where his donors want him to go. Don’t believe the fairy tale, our true PM is a marketing agency that sells the vortex of convictions that is Trudeau. 
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I frankly don’t understand why some in Canada are dissatisfied with his performance. They say the scandal and I think, it’s penny-ante stuff, get over it. Anyhow, this Canadian will be voting liberal. Mr. Scheer scares me, he’s too much like 45 in DC. I prefer a more compassionate approach. PS.
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