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Official BANG Conway The Machine Shirt

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I’m also an American citizen and did not vote for 45 and would vote for any of those on the stage last night. PM Justin Trudeau has been good for Canada, despite his broken promises. For the most part, he speaks to the people's hearts and few politicians have that ability. The Official BANG Conway The Machine Shirt is perfect politicians don't exist, however, there are always exceptions! President Obama was one. Andrew Scheer's rhetoric, on the other hand, falls flat for me. Doesn't resonate one little bit. Reminds me too much of Trump. I don't think he will be good for Canada. It would be totally surprising to me if he was. 
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The problem with Justin Trudeau is threefold: First, from an economic point of view, he has dug the debt of nearly 100 billion dollars in four years, he is, therefore, the best friend of the bankers; second, on environmental issues, since Canada is a major oil producer and oil is important to the Canadian economy, Canada's commitments on climate issues may be puzzling; finally, the laxity on the questionable entrepreneurial culture of some Canadian companies shows an ethic with variable geometry.  
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