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LA Dodgers Helmet Status Off Shirt


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Chelle Belle the entire lives they’ve been taught to kill anyone that does not believe in the same things, the woman is oppressed, raped at young ages and victims of their environment. It’s a sad life, their choice, but killing in the LA Dodgers Helmet Status Off Shirt of a God is wicked. I don’t support any religion as it teaches to exclude and hate those different. The Muslim religion is especially brutal and oppressive. While I believe the freedom to worship, I do get sad seeing women wrapped up in 90-degree weather peering through a slit. The sooner we can evolve from religion and see it for what it truly is the better.

LA Dodgers Helmet Status Off Shirt

We have to let this camp alone, it’s none of our business unless they start performing attacks. Read a little more about the Incas and all the civilizations in South and North America. Don’t even start me on Africa. Every golden statue that represented some kind of a god was melted. 

LA Dodgers Helmet Status Off Sweater

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