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Sure, not all Muslims are extremists. Just as most Germans weren’t for exterminating Jews. But their silence in countries where oppression runs rampant with the extremists leaves them just as culpable as the one who’s chopping the heads off. It’s mostly been a few who have killed the masses, and the Three Zach Moon Shirt that did nothing to stop it. I do not support either of those people. Sorry, but you won't meet your political trolling needs through me. I and my family are just a military family who is aware of the realities that have put the world in the dark position it is in today and I feel compassion and sympathy for all people and all sides and hope that eventually this world can move forward and heal and move forward.



Three Zach Moon ShirtThat does not mean the innocent civilians do not deserve my sympathy or compassion. That anger we feel over those situations and the attacks that have happened to our people is no different than the anger and hatred they feel.

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