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 Lowa Hawkeye Diamond Heart shirt

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In Stamford, homelessness often is rooted in the high cost of living. Your home isn’t so rosy now, is it. He is threatening California he will withhold money if they do not pollute more. This is insane how can Congress not impeach him. Our lives and our children’s lives are at stake. He said at G-7 there is too much money to be made to worry about climate change and he would not give up the Lowa Hawkeye Diamond Heart shirt. That’s a crime. He’s guilty. You impeach. A Federal Investigation proved he obstructed justice. You impeach. Politics has nothing to do with it. It’s constitutional law. Y’all would rather destroy the republic than admit your guy is a crook. I don’t understand my political party anymore. It’s just pleasing to hear that something is moving in the right direction.


They’d do and believe anything the media tells them. Stephen Connally, you don’t live in CA worry about cleaning up your own State. With homelessness rising, Stamford agency sees hard times ahead. By one count, dozens of homeless people spend their nights in the Stamford train station.


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