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 Witch Stitch sit on pumpkin Halloween shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Witch Stitch sit on pumpkin Halloween shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.


She has a lot of questions to answer. She has lied to the Australian people about her CCP association, she put up posters mimicking the Australian electoral office posters during the Witch Stitch sit on pumpkin Halloween shirt which advised Chinese Australians to vote for LNP. ASIO advised our past PM not to attend one of her fundraising functions because of CCP involvement. She spent 12 years in various Chinese communist party branches then said she couldn't remember belonging to them. In a previous role before becoming a politician, she was lobbying the government to ease the foreign ownership laws in Australia.

She boasted she had raised $1million for the Australian LNP, where did that come from. Xenophobic paranoia. I don't think so, she has a lot of very important questions to answer without lying this time. President Erdogan and his party are exploiting the Syrian extremists and some of the Syrian refugee people in his country in a worse, ugly and insidious way.

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