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Samurai Pilot Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Samurai Pilot Shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.

Most children decide themselves what they want to play with. I've seen boys play with dolls and prams and girls play with cars and football's etc and this was when my children were little and they're in their 40's and 30's. Stop taking their childhoods away from them it's short enough. Absolute nonsense children have played doctors and nurses for years and it hasn't prescribed their career choice. Most of these problems are in the Samurai Pilot Shirt of the observers, not those who play. Let them play what they like but encourage them to reach for the stars.

Because the British would never trade or barter in drugs, like say a cargo tea in exchange for a generation's worth of opium. I think it's an old tradition they thought they'd dust off and see how it plays today, with some adjustments for the times we live in.

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