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Happy holidays from Schrute farms Christmas Shirt

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Now with social media and the press, you'd know exactly how much padding she had. Some people don't care about the repercussions this behavior causes anymore. Oh come on, he was 16 and clearly didn't know racism was wrong. He was a white boy doing what white boys do, it's all just a bit of a laugh just like Trudeau who had a penchant for black facing to mock another race. It was just a laugh and nothing racist. Of course, if it was Trump then it would be racist. But that's different. I stand by this reporter wholeheartedly for exposing a racist. I think the newspaper made the Happy holidays from Schrute farms Christmas Shirt decision. The readers must themselves all be a bunch of racists.

People think you're regressive and backward-looking when you challenge a culture eager to take offense that conflates words it finds objectionable with actual harm. But there's no future in this approach, real rational progress never came out of suppressing speech. At one time when jealousy raised its ugly head, it was with nasty comments like she's not all that she wears a padded bra.

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