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Pharrell Williams I Know Nigo Shirt 

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I've noticed a sudden and notable jump in your coverage of environmental issues, which is so desperately vital and welcome. For years I've been posting, emailing, tweeting, calling CNN HQ and anchors individually begging for so much as a mere 15 minutes a day about these topics, in place of the 15th daily rerun of the Pharrell Williams I Know Nigo Shirt political story. I hope you will stick with it and grow it exponentially. For those who were educated by the public school system, wild fires are the natural course of the ecology. It is a necessary part of the system.

This is why federal firefighters don't put out wildfires. They steer them in the direction they need to go. It's all part of nature. Fish die. Their remains fertilize. The ecosystem flourishes. It's been happening for a long time, a lot of lot longer than governments figured out how to save them.

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