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Oaklandish Drumming Into October Shirt

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Our first job as adults is to protect the children. The second job is to help the children are able to become civilized and self-reliant adults. If the parents of these students who beat this girl do not come to the aid of the girl and force their children to atone for their actions, then the parents are unfit to be parents. Regarding the Oaklandish Drumming Into October Shirt monitor, if a child is being harmed and an adult does not come to protect that child, that person is complicit in the abuse. his behavior is taught at home. So I'm teaching my child that when some put their hand on them to make sure that person doesn't wanna try it again. If there's more than one, lock in on the main one.

I hope something is done to keep this from happening again. The monitor should be fired if they can't do a better job at cleaning up a group of youngsters. I personally know some areas and schools have issues with fixing bullying and racism from bad parenting to just downright mean kids.

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