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Stop Making Wack Rappers Famous Shirt 

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They are limited to verbal commands and nothing physical. If there is a physical attack involved, they can only pull the Stop Making Wack Rappers Famous Shirt over and call 911. Have you noticed since Donald trump bullies a lot the kids have objectified his characters and think it’s ok. Children learn from their environment through internalization they pick the externalized characters from those whom they look upon and think since the president is doing it they too can legitimatize it into the institution they are into. Blame it on their environment.

Besides the fact that racism is so Rampant and disturbing, it's even more disturbing that young child are now filled with such angst and hate towards each other. It's not coming naturally, they're learning this. I fear we will never be a peaceful society, ever. This guy is delusional. If and that's a big if it goes to the Senate President Trump has them exactly where he wants them.

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