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Santa is Coming GOT Christmas Shirt

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Syncope under any normal anything this man would have been hailed a hero for all the years he worked Contra Russia Etc by the way if a grand jury won't come down with a verdict of guilty how the hell can you think he is a grand jury is known to indict a ham sandwich. And when the Santa is Coming GOT Christmas Shirt Grand Jury wouldn't do it they call them back again that's a vendetta that's not just us. Scott Snell Democrats cannot run on anything positive for the United States. They never talk about the booming economy and how they could make it better.

Scott Snell lol so this guy knew he was gonna be in trouble so gave him a platform in the hopes of painting him as some innocent guy with good intentions. This is at their best. Scott Snell Monroe's new it's really bad when a president becomes vindictive and goes after political enemies that's called a dictatorship.

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