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Joker Heath Ledger NFL Dallas Cowboys shirt

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I'm not feeling this. If the story is true, this man had all the right in the world to defend his family and home. But in this country’s climate, and the nut cases we now have with itchy trigger fingers, he killed three people. I’m sorry to say this, but I pray they were not just three kids goofing around in the wrong neighborhood, walking down the Joker Heath Ledger NFL Dallas Cowboys shirt road and this was a concocted story to cover overkill. This is why I teach my son that his actions can sometimes have permanent consequences. Oops, sorry, and boys will be boys won’t always cut it.

It’s a sad case overall and I know the homeowners feel horrible but rather it is them than me in any situation leading to death on their behalf. Actions have reactions and consequences the homeowners are lucky they live in a state that’s gun-friendly or it could have been them dead and robbed.

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