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My passport allows me to travel all over the world and go into government buildings but it's still not good enough to get the Real ID. It doesn't make sense to me. In some states, women must document every name change. It is very difficult for some to do. The YZXYX Shirt way, but more costly, is to get a passport first. I'm nearly 70 and tracking down those records is overwhelming. Luckily I live in a state that doesn't require that. Men do not have to endure this to get a driver's license. This is a nightmare, at least in Ohio. I had my birth certificate, my divorce decree from my first marriage, my government retirement badge, my marriage license reflecting my current name.


Treason and coup attempts are serious crimes against America but the democrats are the actors in those crimes so they apparently ARE above the law. I wish someone could explain why if you have a valid passport, that isn't enough to get the Real ID. To have the passport, you've been checked out by the government and issued that document.

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