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Yadi Molina St. Louis Bat Toss Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Yadi Molina St. Louis Bat Toss Shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.


Allowing an athlete to profit from their name and likeness from an outside entity is a separate transaction and does not involve the school. Before they even think about paying college athletes; how about paying all professional women athletes the Yadi Molina St. Louis Bat Toss Shirt salary as the men. Until you do, don't even talk about paying college students to play their sports. As I recall, they already get perks such as free room and board. I don't think they should get paid for playing ball. They already get free rides to college. But I feel if they do get endorsement deals they should def get paid for it.


Think of it this way. You go to work and are compensated with a paycheck. Transaction complete. An athlete goes to work playing for the college, making them millions, and they are compensated with an education. Transaction complete.

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