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Samurai Hunting shirt 

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Kathy Randall hello Ms. Randall. Replying to some of the comments. I have been watching this trial all week while on vacation. They have introduced something called tunnel vision. They're saying she may have experienced this because of the stress of thinking there was an intruder in her apartment. It appears that they have excepted that it was ok for her to make this mistake. So she experienced this tunnel vision, therefore, she was only focused on the Samurai Hunting shirt that was in front of her which happened to be Mr. Botham Jean. I am furious about this trial.

I would often strap her on my body in the very archaic baby carriers of the ’70s. She was a happy girl and brought lots of curious smiles to many. This article brought me back to that space-in-time. No better way to feel the warmth of loving care. Prof was simply awesome.

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