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Maleficent The Throne is mine GOT shirt

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This just breaks my heart. These kids should have been calling the police at the very least when they saw a knife. They could have yelled stop. The other kids that participated in jumping one kid should have stopped the Maleficent The Throne is mine GOT shirt with the knife. My condolences to that mom. All bc some girl wanted to make another boy jealous. Children are so quick to record and yell Worldstar so they can be the one to upload instead of help. We are doomed if this is the generation to look after us when we are older. Grieving for the mother. How sick and very sad that our youth are this way.

Americans better wake up to the issues we face and the failure of the youth today. Laura Ingram had a town hall meeting in Chicago with a young man in a wheelchair pastor and what's happening across this country. A mother is still waiting as her young son didn't want to join a gang they burned this young boy alive.

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