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The Pub is calling and I must go shirt

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Do not give any of them a role to play or a speech especially those ones from political parties. Let them be welcomed as ordinary visitors as we do when a national president is taking some ouths of office and after the inauguration of the President's speech, they can go to the place of their choice like any other person as the The Pub is calling and I must go shirt leader is also going to his own office. The elephant in the room is socialism, it hasn't worked again and Trinidad is taking it in the face - I am sure somewhere along the line Jeremy Corbyn was singing the praises of Venezuela.

It would be hard enough for a larger country to absorb that many people, god help Trinidad. You have to feel for the people fleeing, equally living conditions for the people of Trinidad are going to get worse and people will get angrier. Unfortunately, this situation is Not going to change anytime soon. It is 2019 and Maduro and his boys still ruling the country.

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