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Joe Thornton – STILL GOT IT Shirt

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This is a man who wanted to have a biological child and did so with the only body parts he has to do so. Also, giving birth doesn’t make you a mother or father and if you disagree, go have that argument with adoptive parents, whom I’m sure you have no problem being called mother and father. I'm pro whatever they want to be called. You wake up and want to be a doorknob, you do that. Just be a good doorknob that adds something positive to the Joe Thornton – STILL GOT IT Shirt. Man, woman, neither, both I don't care, it does not affect me.

Your family would never be able to identify you because you think that you are someone that you are not. Just food for thought. All of these posts about how it was convenient for him to be a female for birthing are outright bigoted and ignorant.

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