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Sign Language Heart And Feathers Shirt

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It was horrible. All she wanted to do was go to Heaven for the last 5 years of her life. I think we should all have that choice w/o starving ourselves to death. Sorry, but sod the Catholic church, they have no more right to meddle in other people's lives, than those other people would be allowed to meddle in the affairs of the Sign Language Heart And Feathers Shirt. If they think they can lay dictates and demands down, we all need to do the same in return to them. The Catholic Church is the last organization to have anything to say about morals.

People aren't going to start claiming this for themselves for whatever reason, it needs approval, checks, and balances. So long as it's regulated, then it's the right thing to do, to give people the power to decide when it's certain the quality of their lives will be seriously debilitated. And even at that, some may choose not to take up this option.

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