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I Am A Saints Aholic Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! I Am A Saints Aholic Shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.


Wee boys stick dolls up their t-shirt and pretend they're having a baby. They'll push a pram and pretend to breastfeed their dolly. They dress up in Disney princess gowns and twirls around in front of a mirror. Wee girls play with cars and trains, superheroes and firefighters and soldiers and police officers. None of these gender influences even occur to kids till adults tell them it's not ok. They all playhouse in the I Am A Saints Aholic Shirt corner and nobody has an issue with it other than the media. Can you even buy an old type of nurses uniform. I thought they were unisex these days.

I Am A Saints Aholic Shirt

My the oldest daughter loved to wear pink and dress up as different Disney princess, the younger daughter hated pink, dresses and wouldn't wear a princess dress if you paid her, now the 21-year-old is in her 3rd year at uni studying biochemistry medicine and the 19 yr old is studying education. 

I Am A Saints Aholic Hoodie

You can see the official design here: I Am A Saints Aholic Shirt


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