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Cat Eu Odeio Pessoas Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Cat Eu Odeio Pessoas Shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.


It seems like the soul inside today's people has died. They don't care about other human beings. What on the earth the mothers of these young girls who forced them into this, the customer who pays to use them, the Cat Eu Odeio Pessoas Shirt who tricked a lot of girls into this trap, were thinking. Poverty is one of the main reasons but seriously there is no other way to earn money except this. I don't understand how is it even licensed. The government ensures the well being of its citizens this way. It's extremely sad and disappointing to see something like this.

Those who live like this are the treasures of 7 million people in Hong Kong. It would be great as finally liberating the poor Saudi women. Certainly, after it's annihilation, there is expected improvement in human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia, no more beheading teenagers and young girls.

You can see the official design here: Cat Eu Odeio Pessoas Shirt 

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