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Friends Breaking Bad Art shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Friends Breaking Bad Art shirt is now available at Kingteesshirt.

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Children may behave in a way that feels unacceptable to you but the Friends Breaking Bad Art shirt that influenced their behavior ARE acceptable. You can dislike and feel uncomfortable with your child’s reaction to struggle without dismissing their feelings or belittling their experience. Not to mention that you’re responsible for your reaction to their behavior and it is your choice to meet their difficulty with compassion and empathy or resort to blaming/shaming/punishing/threatening. Meeting our children with compassion and empathy will always be the answer.

I never yelled at my kids when did wrong I would just say no tv no friends and made sure I made a dinner they were not crazy about they never back talked me one is police officer one is a the veteran from marines one is a massage therapist now I'm 72 and when I get grumpy they do same to me lol.

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