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I’m Christmas Groot 2019 Shirt 

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The Administration’s refusal to comply with this legal requirement leaves Congress no other option but to begin a formal impeachment investigation. If the I’m Christmas Groot 2019 Shirt of the United States used his position to put pressure on another country’s leader to do an act that would hopefully weaken his political rival’s position then that is more than wrong. If it was done on our soil, somebody would be going to jail. If this is true, then there is no way to justify this being right. Let’s see how this plays out. One problem Trump has is he admitted doing it. Our so-called president is lawless. He’s a con man & a grifter. Lock him up. Reps will go down in history as looking the other way.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General report of the complaint determined it to be credible and of urgent concern. As mandated by law, the Inspector General report on the whistleblower complaint must be provided to Congress.

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