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Pokemon Egg Maternity Shirt

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You are just as guilty as he is for allowing this to go on, open your eyes and do finally do something before it is too late. You do this with not one ounce of evidence. The so-called whistleblower has zero knowledge of the president's conversations and is said to be a democrat with an ax to grind. What a joke the Pokemon Egg Maternity Shirt has become now. I will be changing by voter registration tomorrow to independent. The Democrats have moved to socialism, anti-American,pro-illegal, anti 2nd amendment,pro-free everything, triple taxes for everyone,anti-white, anti-religion,anti-free speech and this isn't the party I once loved.

Stop defending a man who does nothing but lies and break the laws of this country, who puts us all at risk, and who sleeps with the enemies of this country. How low and how far does he have to go before you say enough.

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