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Dark Vampire Graphic shirt 

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The moment the center booster was ignited or was supposed to ignite, the craft veered off its trajectory & all contact was lost, hurtling to the Moon surface at a rate of 180 meters per second. Hard landing, I should say so. If humans are able to venture into outer space then logically there would be nothing protecting us from space. It’s the Dark Vampire Graphic shirt thing as fish in a tank. The tank is keeping the fish alive. How does the leak close back up. We have all seen the immense damage of an astroid crumbling away when it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Yet we have people that believe we have earthly material that can withstand this level of damage.

Put water on a ball and see what happens then put water in a cup and see the difference. Cool, who wouldn't want to sit and watch the annihilation of Saudi Arabia. It would be great as finally liberating the poor Saudi women.

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