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I think the inordinate concern for global warming could indicate a much serious problem with Christians. I think it shows that they are not really in touch with God. God doesn't dwell on deception. And a person who is given to deception time and again on the same matter, I think doesn't know God. I think all the Brick and Morty shirt who believes that greenhouses gases to be the main source of global warming should re-evaluate their relationship with God. Btw, some of you people who are concerned about plastics in the oceans should prepare yourselves for a brainstorm. I think these madcaps are just waiting to mass-produce batteries and dump them in the oceans and rivers.

They had left coals burning inside their house when going to sleep. Our planet is just a larger house which makes us unable to comprehend the pending danger. Unfortunately, the government doesn't care what we think. I hope they change their minds.

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