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 Luffy Zoro and Sanji chibi friends shirt

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There was no dignity for him he was put in a coma for the last 6 weeks of his life because of the pain he was in where all his family agreed if they could they would of let him go peaceful as they could then and there something needs to be done. Our 7 million inhabitants in Hong Kong are watching the young protesters who fell on the Luffy Zoro and Sanji chibi friends shirt every day on TV and newspapers. Young people have tied their hands behind. A policeman in a yellow helmet, black mask, and a black T-shirt is standing in front of the youth. A black baton is held in the hands of the policeman. If no one is watching the policeman, he will be scolding youth.

I watched my dad's dad died of cancer he had cancer everywhere bone, blood, brain kidney, liver etc the only the place he didn't have it was his lung I watched him fade away until he was skin on bone, it was upsetting to everyone around him.

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