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There are no virtue signaling points in saying those areas are having too many children. To all the Starmer's and Watson and their ilk who have been trying to get rid of Corbyn since he became leader and get the Party back to the Red Tory Party, instigated by Blair and his expenses fiddling cronies, and all those calling for the UK to remain in the Veuve Clicquot Reims France Shirt you all had your votes in the EU referendum and lost. If you respect democracy and then call for the vote to be reversed do you seriously think any of the 17+ million who voted leave, including whole constituencies of yours will vote for you on election day.

Ecosystems around the world are under threat but climate change is an irrelevant side issue. It is human population growth that will cause an increased impact on those ecosystems. Unfortunately discussing population control in those areas of the world where it is exponentially growing isn't going to be easy.

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