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I’m Not An Elf I’m Just Short Christmas Sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! I’m Not An Elf I’m Just Short Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


But we have had people in cages for ages, under both sides of the government and Congress refuses to do anything about immigration. It's all a game to them. And it's people's lives. So please tell me how the I’m Not An Elf I’m Just Short Christmas Sweater or the Republicans are helping with immigration. I would love to hear it. God created us to be different color religion race language etc. In order that we are tolerant patient live in harmony. Most pinkish reddish-white ppl loves the black outfit, black dogs, black suit yet when coming to brown or black ppl u ppl are so downright complicit. God will punish u ppl.

Hopefully not in the graves rather we brown n black can witness this on earth esp to those white supremacy ppl. I hope they will magically turn black. I agree with your post, Grady, shame on anyone who does this ignorant crap, no matter who they are. Liberals, don't become the hypocrites that we despise so much.

You can see the official design here: I’m Not An Elf I’m Just Short Christmas Sweater


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