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Friendsgiving Party Friends shirt

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Laurie Muldrow, I have family who lives there and loves it. I grew up there. While I detest Trump I would never be so foolish as to blame one party for all the ills of a whole state. I could say, hey look what the republicans have done to Alabama and that would be inappropriate as well. It’s less the Friendsgiving Party Friends shirt and more our ignorance as voters, we allow it through our prejudice and closed-mindedness. johnny Hunter, They are aborted fetuses; not unborn children. They don't have any thoughts or emotions. And the fact that you think otherwise is why your kind can't be allowed to govern. It's nonsensical.

Today he contradicted the Mueller report you're not allowed to lie to Congress you're not allowed to lie to FBI today he purged himself no matter how you look at it we don't even need to know which one is true because simply by contradicting his statement to the FBI he purged himself. That sounds like a cop-out.

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