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7 Colin Kaepernick I’m with Kap signature shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! 7 Colin Kaepernick I’m with Kap signature shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


If Iran can fly combat drones up to 1,000 kilometers into Saudi territory and knock out the linchpin production sites in the kingdom’s oil industry, then that should be a matter of huge embarrassment for US protectors. Pentagon remained quiet when Iran attacked the 7 Colin Kaepernick I’m with Kap signature shirt tankers. This has emboldened Iran to attack Saudi oilfields. Why no retaliation till now. If this had happened to Israel, Iranian nuclear facilities will be in flames now. I suggest that the American adult people stay on alert because this Pompeo mentally unstable man doesn't care about them and is Iran-paranoid because his only aim is to keep an angry Israel and the Heretic Christian Union For Israel CUFI happy.

Keith Holland and they are both one thousand times more intelligent than the American currently in the White House, who thinks he is a weatherman, he thinks he knows more than the generals. The moron doesn’t even know where his father was born, doesn’t know he is the president of Puerto Rico and you want to insult two intelligent people when you worship a man can not find his limousine directly in front of him with the door open, talk about senility.

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