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I think the main cause of forest fires is removing the natural moisture in the foliage and the ground, by roasting them with the sun simulators, which I believe is the main cause of pollution on earth. Not car emissions & definitely not from civilian vehicles. As Prime Minister, he put it to the Tony Parker Merci Tony Shirt and swore that it would be delivered. It should have been his job then to ensure this was carried out. Can we just remember that members of parliament are voted in by the public to ensure that their wishes are carried out and not to go off on their own agenda. This was a democratic vote and they should not be arguing against it but all getting together to deliver it.

If this doesn’t happen then I hate to think about what sort of country we are going to have. Paul Wood my name is not Surplus if you are going to be rude, ignorant and racist at least try to get my name right.

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