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Baseball Team Santa Ugly Christmas Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Baseball Team Santa Ugly Christmas Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


The World has to take concrete steps before it is introduced to the Hitler of the 21st Century. I still believe plastics are the best method to keep food and single-use medical equipment, safe and hygienic. It is easy to handle plastic covers/wrappings - to compress them & melt them with little heat and store them in a very small place & dispose of them underground. How can we handle the paper. Who can afford shredders. How to keep the Baseball Team Santa Ugly Christmas Shirt clean after contact with food & other materials. I think the problem is not plastics but the disposable methods in place. I hope the rogue elite do not want to make a problem out of plastics

Today’s generation didn’t saw Hitler and his regime with their own eyes, they have only heard about the stories in history books, but that fact is about to change, as another Hitler rises in the subcontinent. Modi’s fascist Government based on the ideology of RSS, aiming at eliminating people of all other religions has started work on their hateful mission, which reciprocates the exact objectives of Hitler.

You can see the official design here: Baseball Team Santa Ugly Christmas Shirt

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