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Our Year NATS Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Our Year NATS Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


My grandfather was inventing till the day he died making new types of farm equipment and it's far from just him improving the machinery. These robots are fussier than people know or think. The reason most don't use them is because of the Our Year NATS Shirt and upkeep. It's easier to hire cheap labor. My internet is very low so the image is not very clear but by the comments, I can assure you the wife was at fault to slap the landlady's husband. The only thing we're wishing the couple is fabulous after the court gave back the dancer the stolen camel that was stolen in a pharmacy store.

The robot had to work on a packaging line next to a human to learn and follow human movements. So the packaging people are training robots. One day ppl won't be needed to do anything then we are gone. Dumbasses there are machines that can do that already. There is literally a harvester for everything already invented.

You can see the official design here: Our Year NATS Shirt

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