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Three Yoda Christmas Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Three Yoda Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


This is so oversimplified, as a Canadian, I can only tell the world that Trudeau is just a typical politician, influenced by lobbyists and he goes where his donors want him to go. Don’t believe the fairy tale, our true PM is a marketing agency that sells the Three Yoda Christmas Sweater of convictions that is Trudeau. I frankly don’t understand why some in Canada are dissatisfied with his performance. They say the scandal and I think, it’s penny-ante stuff, get over it. Anyhow, this Canadian will be voting liberal. Mr. Scheer scares me, he’s too much like 45 in DC. I prefer a more compassionate approach. PS.

I’m also an American citizen and did not vote for 45 and would vote for any of those on the stage last night. PM Justin Trudeau has been good for Canada, despite his broken promises. For the most part, he speaks to the people's hearts and few politicians have that ability. The reality is perfect politicians don't exist, however, there are always exceptions.

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