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Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


I would have added 200 net to my wage if I was asked 8 years ago but because of various tax rises and levies introduced in the last 3 years in the Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Sweater, I live I'd have to double the 200 to 400 just to stand still. We work to better ourselves not to be taxed to the hilt and not able to afford a few nice things and a holiday once a year. I said in a comment the other day that I have two uncles lying in Europe. It was about the political situation we find ourselves in.

Its pretty simple to run an extraction economy, after all. e might win again but only because our system is so very flawed, as only two provinces can control the federal government of the entire country, and he has been buying votes in those two provinces for the last month in the lead up to the election by promising over $15 billion worth of taxpayer money in those areas.

You can see the official design here: Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Sweater


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