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Christmas Begins with Christ Cross shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Christmas Begins with Christ Cross shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Ranee Fancy, I'm dyslexic and have a BS in Material Science and a Master's in Marketing. The academic system will never accurately represent our knowledge and abilities because it mainly measures linear thinking. Luckily the Christmas Begins with Christ Cross shirt world rewards our whole picture, creative, out of the box thinking. So from one dyslexic to another, tell your daughter to keep working towards her goals. People like this have robbed the ones with the real talent of their hard-earned place in further education.

Well done to your daughter she will get where she wants to be but may have to work a little harder for it, but she will get there. They told chuck close all hed ever achieve was a job in a factory, he's now a highly successful artist with a master's degree he pushed through his dyslexia. Your daughter will do better as she strives for it. Good on her.

You can see the official design here: Christmas Begins with Christ Cross shirt

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