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Guinea pig Merry Pigmas ugly Christmas sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! Guinea pig Merry Pigmas ugly Christmas sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


That is why it's in our constitution I would respect that response .I.personally couldn't handle one. They are people killers period I.think they should be kept in an armory. Keep all your other ones. My brother in law has an Elephant gun we live in Oregon but it's pretty. Understand that I worry every day my 6 kids that are in school the Guinea pig Merry Pigmas ugly Christmas sweater all make it home because of ARs. A well-regulated militia knows how many members are in its command, how many and what manner of weapons they have, and a method of calling them to service when needed. Anything short of that is simply an armed mob.

These weapons serve only one purpose to kill Americans! Not to hunt for food, but to kill one another as quickly as possible. We have seen the end result of this experiment time and time again! We cannot be trusted to police ourselves. The lives of our people outweigh the need to feel powerful by the owners of these weapons of mass destruction.

You can see the official design here: Guinea pig Merry Pigmas ugly Christmas sweater


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