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All I Want For Christmas Is Truly Beer Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! All I Want For Christmas Is Truly Beer Shirt is now available at  Kingteeshirt.

So that gun eventually ends up in the All I Want For Christmas Is Truly Beer Shirt of a kid that’s too tired and is angry and decided to end it all at his school or somewhere else. And sure, you’ll say: That would never happen because I keep my guns in a safe. So how on earth are you getting that gun in time to keep an intruder away at your home. Sure, if you want to defend your home keep a smaller gun. You don’t need the entire COD list.

I'm very surprised at the behavior of the gun-grabbers here. Hoping the police will hurt and possibly kill the nonviolent owners of these weapons. Tsk tsk tsk. Showing the Democrats true colors I see. Good thing your daydreams of your fellow man being hurt are just that, dreams. Not as if you'd be the ones collecting. But hey, no one said you couldn't dream on the net.

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