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It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt

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I'm yang by name. My major source of income today is bitcoin, same bitcoin that has made so many broke made my life beautiful, all credits to Guiliano. He's a man of boldness and always reliable. With this great financial elevation, I've successfully trained my son through university. I just can guess how miserable life would have been at my age if I had no money. You too can elevate your self financially by investing with Mr. Giuliano. Click on the It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt below link to connect with Him. If a woman wins the presidency.

It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt

It will be and amazing day. It will be the era of Lilith. The woman that was sent away from the garden of Eden because she spoke her mind and wasn’t going to take sh*t from anybody. The woman Adam was scared of. The same will be said for those fossils in congress. The Squad will destroy democrats from within.

It’s Khan Not Kahn sweater


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