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Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


They checked my blood over & over to ensure I’d quit. The test results knocked me sick to the stomach when I read what drugs were flooding my body. Literally flooding me with pure poison and cancer-causing ingredients. Prior to this, I was told it wasn’t bad for me- especially the type of liquid I used. I was so addicted. I’ll happily publish my results to show what its really being broken down into in the Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt & body. Except every one of these deaths in the US in the last 2 weeks has been linked to the use of vitamin E in specific vape juices, counterfeit products and vaping of cannabis oils.

Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt

I hate smoking and rather no one smoke anything at all but vaping has helped almost all my friends quit or cut down and funnily enough not a single death or lung illness. This just stinks of big tobacco lobbyists in America doing everything they can to keep their industry alive. 

Zero Bark Thirty Sweater


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