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GOT Jon Snow Merry Christmas Ya Bastard Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! GOT Jon Snow Merry Christmas Ya Bastard Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


An absolute disgrace. A Stalinist, antisemite, who has blocked at every opportunity an extremely hard-won deal secured by Boris Johnson, at significant cost to normal people and businesses. Despite many leading organizations calling it a good deal for the GOT Jon Snow Merry Christmas Ya Bastard Sweater. Very sad indeed that people have no belief in the UK anymore - or desire to have power close the people rather than with European pen pushers. Green energy makes your power bill cost three times what energy costs elsewhere. Combine that with your crippling tax rates and the average man can never get ahead. Cut yourselves loose from the drowning EU and rise or fall on your own two feet.

So basically if you vote conservatives they will put back everything they took away. So sad to see how many people lap up the right-wing tory benefactor media smearing of this guy and will continue to watch the tories burn this country to the ground.

You can see the official design here: GOT Jon Snow Merry Christmas Ya Bastard Sweater

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