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Under Armour Hockey Shirt

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Peter J. DeMartin when will you libs get it into your weak minds that in order to impeach a president he must be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. You’ve got nothing here. Most of you idiots think all you need to do is dislike him to justify impeachment. You’re the Under Armour Hockey Shirt throwing tantrums and acting like petulant children. You better get used to it because all your socialist candidates are crap. Try thinking for your self and reading about laws. In our great country, which I have been made aware of by a left-wing Trump hater, the left hates the USA and wants to destroy our country.

Our President is trying to save our nation from the globalists which no doubt you are part of. This conversation isn't really about hearsay. The whistleblower did the job of shedding light on the issue and now the intelligence community is going to investigate. That's what exactly was supposed to happen.

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